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The 6 Easiest Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

The Club Recently, I was asked to be a feature contributor for The Club; a Private Group that provides Entrepreneurs an incredible amount of tools and resources to build your online business. Since you’re my peeps here, I am allowed to share that same content here with you. 

This month The Club is focusing on how to create an irresistible offer AND how to how to better engage with your audience. 

When I was first presented with this topic, the thought that came to my mind..was to share the story of my transition of “I Am Mr. Prescott” and the results that ensued for my projects. The results I have experienced have come down to 6 simple types of engagement that I learned from the renowned coach Jesse Elder.

In the audio, I share with you those 6 types of engagement that will help you to better explain who you are and hence, be more successful at building your personal brand.

The short version is that you’ve GOT to get out in front of your product. And once you are you’ve GOT to engage in a specific manner to get the best results.

Let me say this.. I have lived this transition. The Rules of Success Podcast has grown to be a successful, impactful podcast in the space of entrepreneurship. A few months ago I had an epiphany that showed me how extremely important it was that I step out in front of my show, as opposed to hiding behind it.

What resulted was a complete overall of how I was approaching my social media presence. became the main website for all my products instead of

I started looking into the best, most direct way to build my personal brand and found the 6 different types of posts that I share in the episode.

Apply, and succeed. It’s pretty simple.

If you are looking for the shortest roadmap to a relevant social media presence, Listen in!

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