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3 Habits to a Happy and Successful Life.

If you can incorporate the following three habits into your life you will have the foundation to achieve whatever you want.

  • Meditate to start your day; without exception.

When was the last time you felt peace knowing that you were on track with your goals?

If it’s been a while I am going to guess you haven’t meditated on a regular basis. Taking time to clear your mind, get still and allow your mind and body to connect in a serene environment can literally take you from good to great. It’s the foundational work to set the stage for your ultimate achievements.

  • Journal right after meditating; without exception.

Taking the time to physically type or write down the thoughts and feelings that come to your mind during meditation will do something incredible for you.

When you write down what inspired you it takes that information and makes it accessible in your long term memory. When you write down HOW you were inspired it turns it into applicable knowledge. During the stillness of meditation you will have many inspired thoughts and emotion that are there to serve your greater good. Writing them down stores them so that they stay with you.

  • Writing down five things that went right for the day.

Even the most difficult days have a silver lining.

There is a lesson, a tender mercy, a sign of the greatness of life buried in the most challenging day. As they say; what you focus on, expands. Taking time before bed to write in your journal what things went right will allow your mind and emotions to be in a space of expansion as you head to sleep. This will provide you a theme of positivity during your dream state. It may sound like unicorns and rainbows but it’s absolutely proven to be true.

If you’re willing to apply these three habits to your life you will have all you need to succeed. Or at least, you’ll be open for the growth necessary to achieve the success you desire.

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Karan Bajaj and the Story Behind “The Yoga of Max’s Discontent”

Today’s episode of Rules of Success is Best Selling Indian Novelist and 

Author of “The Yoga of Max’s Discontent”

Karan Bajaj.

Karan BajajThis week we hosted Karan Bajaj joins us to talk life, emotional materialism, Vipassana meditation and the creative process.

Karan is a #1 bestselling Indian novelist with more than 200,000 copies of his novels in print, both optioned into major films. Karan’s first worldwide novel, The Yoga of Max’s Discontent, will be be published by Random House on May 3rd’ 2016. The book, called “The greatest adventure of our Generation” by The Daily Telegraph and was inspired by Karan’s one year sabbatical traveling from Europe to India by road and learning yoga and meditation in the Himalayas. He has also worked in senior executive roles at companies like Procter & Gamble and the Boston Consulting Group and was named among Ad Age’s “Top 40 Under 40 executives” in the US.

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4 Simple Steps to Your Best Year Yet.

Normally, when I am sitting here post meditation I am use this time to write in my journal.

Today, I’m going to post it on my feed instead.

It’s New Years Eve. As I sit here with my mind quiet and my body relaxed thoughts come and go about what this day represents to me and to others.

I see a polarity in the way people are approaching this day. Some are planning, scheming and outlining their successes for the coming year.

Some aren’t.

Regardless of what actions you are or are not taking, there is a universal power in renewal.

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