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Rules of Success and the Law of Attraction

Alright my friends.. I haven’t done this before, but I figured I should start. 

Photo Feb 15, 8 43 53 AMI had the blessing of being interviewed by one of the most solid dudes on this planet; Tommy Baker of the Resist Average Academy. We talked about a lot of great topics that are relevant for life, success and getting what you want.
Tommy’s show is something that I am proud to have been a part of and that’s why it’s making it available here on the site. 

Enjoy! -BP

Here are the Show Notes directly from

In Tommy’s words..

In Episode 8, we sit down with Bryce Prescott from the Rules Of Success podcast and blog, real estate entrepreneur and all around genuine, authentic dude who lives by example on a daily basis.

A little known fact is that Bryce was one of the catalysts to launching the academy with his support and guidance over the last few months.


Here are the topics we cover in this episode:

  • Bryce’s favorite Entourage character
  • The art of humility
  • His passion for assisting and guiding others to become better versions of themselves
  • Enjoying the process and acknowledging every step as a “win”
  • The difference in the “high” of sedation vs. the fulfillment of achievement
  • Physiology of dopamine, feeling good and why we distract ourselves
  • Bryce’s wake up moment with cancer and taking a hard look at his entire life
  • Exploring alternative therapies for treatment and the power of choice
  • Sitting in a bar in Brazil and deciding to create a podcast
  • Rules of Success is born
  • Lessons from 100 podcast episodes: following through and crushing resistance
  • His morning routine and how this harnesses his creative energy
  • The science of getting rich book and commentary
  • Law of attraction: why most people get it wrong, why it’s real and how to use it in our daily lives
  • Why gratitude is the crucial element behind getting what we want
  • Chasing feelings instead of external objects and how to place yourself there today
  • Balancing the pull between internal and external fulfillment
  • Power of manifestation
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