As you may have read in my short bio on the home page, I am 100% entrepreneur.

Throughout my life one of my main challenges has been saying ‘no’ to the good opportunities that come across my desk so that I’m not distracted from the GREAT opportunities I engage. Now that I’ve officially left my ’30s’ I have learned that my success is not just from the opportunities to which I’ve said yes, but the focus to which I devote to those opportunities.

That having been said, I am now currently dedicated to two main projects:

  1. The Rules of Success Podcast. Rules of Success is a place we discusses living a balanced and successful life; including the full range of topics that it touches upon; topics including entrepreneurship, sports, business, education, society and pop-culture, relationships, politics and spirituality. Our guests include successful professionals in a wide array of industries, and we get their take and opinions on those things that their typical clients don’t normally hear. Rules of Success spawned my book; The Science of Getting Rich presented by Rules of Success and it’s companion consulting program at Check out the entire story of how Rules of Success came to be at (there’s also a full episode library on this site under the tab ‘Podcast‘).
  2. Urbia Exchange: Urbia Exchange began in early 2015 when it’s three founding members met over drinks to discuss the real estate industry. The result is a marketplace where both buyers and sellers of real estate have access to opportunities in an unprecedented manner. At the click of a button, subscribers of can find and view qualified real estate assets; seeing neighborhoods, trends and market specifics all in one location. This is on top of a dedicated Tool Box to give you access to up to date information specific to the real estate industry.

I am very selective about how I spend my time and both of the above referenced endeavors are passion projects that are not only profitable but allow me to live my purpose.

I encourage anyone to which I meet to follow their dreams; being willing to make the hard choices to get there. This website is my personal blog where you get a more candid, unfiltered version that you won’t find anywhere else. Okay, I guess that’s not totally true; you get ‘me’ on my podcast but I think you get my point.


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