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Marshall Wayne Gets the Right Kind of Attention.

Today’s episode of Rules of Success is

Creative Director of 

The Agency

Marshall Wayne. 

12874219_10209342028455508_2147182216_oThis week we discuss the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of capturing the attention of your clients in the best possible way.

And Marshall delivers!

In his business, Marshall Wayne employs the same strategies and tactics that the big-time Hollywood ad agencies do. He just makes them available at costs far less than the Hollywood standard. He has a keen eye for design and understands branding in a way few in this world do.

In the first segment, we discuss is background and experiences. As a young athlete, Marshall would pattern the form and function of other successful athletes. As a state champion runner, he knew that true success is more a feat of engineering than anything, and decided to take his skill of modeling and patterning from the world of athletics and use it in business.

One of his businesses garnered him the moniker “The Mastermind Behind ISIS” (yes, you read that correctly) and Marshall shares how that name came to be. He has started and ran several successful businesses; including a currency exchange and The Agency; his current home for helping big ticket sellers craft ad campaigns and sales funnels to attract high dollar prospects already pre-conditioned to buy.

In the second segment, we spend some time discussing The Agency: Declassified and how you could benefit from working with him.

Here are a few great gems from our interview:

“The best use of sports is to teach you values.”

“I just want to win at things. Don’t you?”

“If you struggle with something that you have to spend a lot of time on, you should move on.”

This is a great conversation about the need to understand your brand, your messaging and some ways to increase that awareness.

If you would like more attention given to you or your business; LISTEN IN!


In our conversation we discuss several links to see his work.

Here is the strategy session page for The Innovation Lab:

The helicopter scene VIDEO:

His Icon Engineering System page:

Here is his funnel describing The Agency:

We spoke quite a bit on crafting origin stories to give people an interesting perspective on who you are.

Here is his Facebook folder where he keeps his origin stories:

His most important one, concerning his past merging into his current business, is HERE:

The other is HERE:

Some of his ads:

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