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It’s About You.

This was penned by guest contributor Amie Prescott as a follow up to her appearance on Episode 4. You can find that episode here: 

I seems as if the hardest part of writing is knowing where to start. Some may say, “start at the beginning.” The beginning of what? I’ve had so many beginnings that it’s hard to decide which beginning to start with. Since this post is about the fourth episode of Talking 2 Myself and the topic is relationships, it seems like an introduction would be appropriate place to start.

Many of you don’t know me very well, so I’ll give you a quick rundown of who I am. First and foremost, I am Amie. I am also Bryce’s wife; the yin to his yang. I am  a mother, stepmother, ex-wife, friend, and among other things a pilates instructor and self-proclaimed culinary genius  🙂

All of these titles are the cornerstones to my life and continue to test and define me.

As for my relationship, Bryce and I met back in 2002. We were first work colleagues, then became friends and eventually lovers. Our beginning was rocky, to say the least, but there was a undeniable connection between us that we both knew we needed to explore. Fast forward to May 2005. We got married in a small chapel on the edge of the Las Vegas Strip. It all happened so fast… and hasn’t really slowed down since. Even to this day I can say that I am so proud to be his wife.

Bryce and I have had some amazing times. For every peak we’ve had the valley as well. The tough times were very tough. It even got so bad that we were questioning our future. We were asking each other and ourselves the hard questions.

Are we going to make it?

Do we even want to be together?

Are we in love anymore?

Those are questions that I’m sure many of you have had a time or two. Or three. We didn’t know if it would get better. Depending on your situation, you may not know the answer to that either. But I am here to tell you that if you want to make it work, then you can. Together, we chose to stop defining what was wrong, but point out what was right. Such a simple adjustment wasn’t easy, but it made a world of difference. The chasm had grown wide between us and we both knew we needed change. For me, I felt like I had lost my individuality; that I had become someone I didn’t recognize.

So what does you do when you are lost? You commit to finding your way back.

Here is where my story changed for the better.

I didn’t find my way back, I found something better. I found who I really am.

Underneath all the titles, and responsibilities, I found me. I found my voice, my confidence, and my passion. I found a deeper love for my husband. I found my best friend; both in him and in myself. I found most the fundamental keys that I need to thrive in this journey we call life. I know that there are still plenty of life’s lessons that I will experience but instead of worrying or feeling apprehensive about it I will deal with it head on. We didn’t learn anything ground breaking when we decided to change. What we needed was always right there.

So what does this mean for you? Well, that’s where it starts people. It starts with you.

Figure out who you are.

Choose to be happy with yourself.

Define what you want in your life, hold to your standards and everything else will happen the way it’s supposed to.

This isn’t just for relationships; it’s with everything in life. Once you know what you want only then can figure out a way to get it. If you’re struggling in your relationship, then step back and look at its evolution and decide if it’s worth fighting for.

If it’s not, then stop wasting your time.

Life is too short to waste your time with people who don’t value your presence, or worse, those that you don’t value. Everyone deserves to be in a relationship where they feel loved, desired, challenged and appreciated.

Being a wife and a mother isn’t easy. But then, anything rewarding never is. It’s a daily challenge but one that I take great pride in. I don’t have it all figured out but I’m getting there. Relationships are complex and need to be taken step by step, one day at a time.

Because of the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve had to the relationship episode, I will be on again soon as a follow up to discuss more topics dealing with accountability, intimacy and everything in between. There are many experiences I can share that just might be of assistance to you. In preparation for that, please comment or reach out to us via social media ( or with any questions you may have that you’d like to discuss.


Amie Prescott

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