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Greg McCluskey on Breaking Away with Real Estate


Greg McCluskey is a professional real estate investor with over 21 years of experience. At a young age, his father instilled within him the importance of family, education and entrepreneurship. As the COO of Breakaway Training, he actively leads new and experienced investors to the right methods, mindsets and opportunities in investment real estate.

Breakaway provides.... an affordable solution for people interested in learning and mastering valuable skills in real estate without going into debt to get an education.

We discuss with Greg his inspiring story and how his approach to a life, real estate and mindset makes a difference for those he works with.

Tidbits from the show:
1. Mindset is everything when it comes to success. The mechanics of “real estate” can be taught in short order; mindset is the hardest to acquire.
2. Always be coachable.
3. We often don’t take the help that’s right in front of us. Look around and see it.
4. Who you surround yourself with makes all the difference.
5. Never judge a book by it’s cover, or a student by his GPA.
6. Follow your instincts. They are your guide to what’s best for you.
7. Eliminate what stresses you out. It’s that simple.

Notable authors he discussed:
1. Magic of Believing – Claude M. Bristol
2. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon

You can find and reach out personally to Greg here:

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