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The Outlier; Ever Gonzalez

Today’s episode of Rules of Success is The One and Only Outlier:

Ever Gonzalez. 

Ever GonzalezThis week we hosted Ever Gonzalez; Founder and President of Outlier Magazine and Host of Outlier on Air. As a content creator and mentor in the space of business development. Ever brings to the show his knowledge and experience specific to creating environments that harbor growth and expansion for entrepreneurs.

In the first segment, we hear his story and background. He shares the pivotal experiences of being a young, poor hustler that learned how to live in the fray and do things his own way. We discuss the “suck-cost fallacy” and how he has been able to time the successes and failures of his projects throughout his life.

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Amie Prescott is Keeping It 100.

Today’s episode of Rules of Success is special.

Amie PrescottIt’s the 100th  episode and is a benchmark that signifies so much growth, expansion and wonderment for me. I have spend a lot of time considering what I should do for the content; who the special guest should be etc..

I even launched a Twitter campaign to get David Spade on as my guest (no such luck yet..)

On a seemingly normal Saturday night I was feeling anxiety about this monumental episode and an idea was given to me in a brief exchange between Amie and I.

And so..

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#BallOutThose that have followed my journey over the last few years (either via social media or my podcast) know that strength and resistance training have been a big priority for me.

A few months ago I picked up a basketball again for the first time in years. I was so out of shade before that my feet and back couldn’t take even a mellow pick up game of 2 on 2; let alone running 5 on 5 in a full court scrimmage.

It would leave me useless for at least 3 days.

When I started playing ball again…
I was surprised at how strong my body is. I had been increasing my bench, squat and deadlift maxes with a steady pace… Continue Reading

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Is Sadness a Form of Weakness?


(This is an expanded version of a post I just did on my Instagram page @IamMrPrescott). 

I saw the quote in the meme above in an email that I get from Neale Donald Walsh. It sparked a thought about those pesky things called emotions.

The full quote is “Sadness is nothing more than love announced. Sadness and unhappiness are not the same thing and it is good to remember that. If you are sad… be glad. Sadness cleanses the heart.” – Neale Donald Walsh. 

I love the underlying message.

First, it defines that when the emotion of sadness manifests, it means something. There is nothing wrong with you or with the emotion; it’s an indication that you love that which surrounds the feeling.

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Why your kids should be #2. It’s not what you think..

Amie Prescott

In an effort to “live out loud” I thought I’d share something.

Tonight was date night. Not because Wednesday’s are date night but because if we didn’t get out tonight then it wasn’t happening until next week.

Unacceptable. We do date night every week.

We had a great time out alone. Talking, flirting and finishing our Christmas prep (and yes, we closed lol).

The effect was a deepened appreciation for this woman at my side and a reminder that it’s always getting better when we commit to it being great now.

This may seem preposterous, but my kids know they take a back seat to Amie.

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