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Greg McCluskey on Breaking Away with Real Estate


Greg McCluskey is a professional real estate investor with over 21 years of experience. At a young age, his father instilled within him the importance of family, education and entrepreneurship. As the COO of Breakaway Training, he actively leads new and experienced investors to the right methods, mindsets and opportunities in investment real estate.

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Climbing the Peak of Building a Brand

Today’s episode of Rules of Success are the Founders of Kumbre Gear; 

Lamont White and Jeanine Feierbach.

Visit and use the promo code bryce10 to get 10% off your purchase!

Ok, now that the important stuff is out of the way.. 🙂

This week the Kumbre Execs joined us in-studio to discuss how they’ve built their brand and the fortitude to create something bigger than just profits!

The story of Kumbre began in New York City when, Jeannine Feierbach and Lamont White met in design school. After years of designing for many clients such as Adidas and Converse, they’ve’ve brought their love of design and the outdoors to the Rocky Mountains.

Kümbre (küm-brā), means summit. Kümbre Gear is..  Continue Reading

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Amie Prescott is Keeping It 100.

Today’s episode of Rules of Success is special.

Amie PrescottIt’s the 100th  episode and is a benchmark that signifies so much growth, expansion and wonderment for me. I have spend a lot of time considering what I should do for the content; who the special guest should be etc..

I even launched a Twitter campaign to get David Spade on as my guest (no such luck yet..)

On a seemingly normal Saturday night I was feeling anxiety about this monumental episode and an idea was given to me in a brief exchange between Amie and I.

And so..

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Buried at Brighton, UT

The most tell-tale sign that your life is susceptible for a turn to the worse: You are not clear in what you want in four areas; your fitness, your relationships, your being and your business.

Hear me out.

Tonight, my wife and I took the kids up to Brighton, UT to play in the snow.

No skiing this time, but we did a literal hike in the snow around what was once called Moyle Loop; it’s basically right next to the Silver Lake Nordic Center and being a block away from the resort it has some of the coolest ski cabins in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

It was a fun trip down memory lane. Here’s why..

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Why your kids should be #2. It’s not what you think..

Amie Prescott

In an effort to “live out loud” I thought I’d share something.

Tonight was date night. Not because Wednesday’s are date night but because if we didn’t get out tonight then it wasn’t happening until next week.

Unacceptable. We do date night every week.

We had a great time out alone. Talking, flirting and finishing our Christmas prep (and yes, we closed lol).

The effect was a deepened appreciation for this woman at my side and a reminder that it’s always getting better when we commit to it being great now.

This may seem preposterous, but my kids know they take a back seat to Amie.

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