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Is This You Too?

The past few weeks I’ve realized something about myself and I am writing to see how many people are like me.

When I started Rules of Success (the podcast I produced for almost 3 years) I did so from a space of “I am such a nubie in this space, I have so much to learn from this person.” When I would reach out to guests of my show, I did it thinking that I had little to offer, other than a great conversation and that their presence on my show was a favor to me.

As the time passed and my episode count steadily rose, I started to see that I was actually equal to (and in some cases) or more experienced than the “experts” that I was having on my show.

I now had an audience that listened not just to my guests, but to ME and my experiences.

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Quora: What Gave You the Motivation to Change Your Life?

I was challenged my a friend to submit an ‘answer’ on every single day. The benefit is that it’s helping me to get my story out there more to hopefully help others who may feel lost. You’re going to start seeing those answers here on my site.

My cancer diagnosis and the 2 months before it were some of the most challenging days of my life. Ironically, when I decided to choose differently it all started to shift. I hope your receive something from my answer.

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What’s Your Voice Saying?

SiaTonight was the first night in a while where I created space enough to listen to new music. I don’t listen to music in the way a lot of people do; mindlessly in the background as a soundtrack.

I enjoy it that way; sure..  But I specifically find time so that I can let the music be heard.

There is such much that we miss as we hear a tune on the radio that sometimes I make it so it’s just me, my Beats headphones and Apple Music.

Tonight was one of those nights. So, I made a date with Sia. I had yet to listen to her new album even though I had heard her song Alive..

I teed up the first track.

It’s called Bird Set Free.

It surprised me to find myself feeling an emotional response to the song is a very powerful way. Right out of the gate!

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Logic Pro X is My Drug.

Logic Pro XEvery Tuesday, I spend anywhere between an hour and a half and three hours sitting in front of a computer screen to personally produce the upcoming episode of my podcast.

It’s one of the tasks that I refuse to hand over to someone else.

I understand the need to reduce pressure and noise by utilizing a team. I know that the most successful people in the world remove all distractions and delegate their tasks to others in an effort to free up time.

I do that too..

I use virtual assistants to handle certain website tasks.

I have specific contractors that I employ for more intense web development or marketing projects.

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What is My Personal Philosophy Exactly?

  It recently came into my awareness that in all of the podcast episodes that I’ve done..All of the posts that I’ve made..

All the memes that I’ve shared..

I have yet to really share specifics of my personal philosophy..

I’ve shared ideas about it. It’s hinted at in the quotes I find inspirational. I’ve shared testimony about universal laws that I know to be true.

But specifics about my personal philosophy?

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