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My Quora Answer to “Did You Like the Movie Cloud Atlas?”

In a word; YES!

I will admit that after seeing the film for the first time, I was a bit disappointed. I hadn’t read the book but had watched the five minute trailer a dozen or so times (see below).

The trailer was just epic. It was the perfect introduction to the stories of Cloud Atlas and showed all the characters and how the stories lead into each other. It weaved the tale of multiple lifetimes being played out through the same individuals and perfectly interlaced the different stories with a perfectly chosen voice over that was all accompanied by the film score and M83’s Outro.

It’s quite literally the best trailer ever. Watching the trailer I thought I was in for an easy movie to follow and one I’d enjoy without effort. Continue Reading

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Nicolas Cole: Confessions of a Teenage Gamer

Nicolas Cole is the Author of “Confessions of a Teenage Gamer, is a Personal Branding Consultant, Inc Columnist, Speaker, and EntrepreneNicolas Coleur.

At 17 years old, Nicolas Cole was a one of the highest rank World of Warcraft players in North America. He had one of the first WoW blogs on the internet with over 10,000 daily readers. He was one of the pioneers of the gaming industry as we know it today, filled with YouTube channels, Twitch streams etc. It all started with blogs like Cole’s. However, even though he was an e-celebrity, his family and loved ones never acknowledged his success which lead to further challenges with both his identity and self esteem.

He experienced all of this success while suffering from an undiagnosed case of Continue Reading

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The Return of Rules of Success..

RofS Cover Art BWYellowRules of Success is finally BACK.

Monday, August 22, 2016 there appears a new episode while continuing the former schedule on iTunes and at /

I took a few months to regroup and refine the tone and message while making a few tweaks to the format. The past few months have been a proverbial ‘sharpen your saw’ moment, and I feel better equipped to continue on with all of the work that it takes to keep it on the air.

There are few things that I feel important to discuss going forward.

First up are the actual changes to the show.

Continue Reading

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The 9 Things I Learned About Being an Entrepreneur from Breaking Bad.

Walter WhiteOne of the best things that has happened to me in the past few years is that I’ve devoted a large amount of time and effort to self development. In so doing, I have found myself learning from all sorts of experts, spanning many different fields and industries.

My choice to build a better mousetrap (read: better myself) was to learn from perspectives that weren’t my own. By considering a different vantage point to my life, the theory was that it would open my mind to a heightened level of understanding. It would illuminate blind spots and give context to things I previously did not understand. That new context and understanding that would not just promote change, but it would require it.

Each expert that I’ve met, read or interviewed as a part of my podcast “Rules of Success” has their individual take on how to live our best lives. The smart ones add the caveat that it has to be on our own terms if we are ever going to adopt new or improved behaviors that stick.

We have to first acknowledge that we want change and then tap into the pain of what it would mean to stay the same.

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