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When Flaws = Divinity.

Rules of Success is on hiatus for a few more weeks, but I made this video message as a thought that came after watching the parade to celebrate the NBA Championship of the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers. The narrative is that your flaws are what make you divine. Give it a clip to see what I mean!

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– BP

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Kevin Nations: His Journey to Becoming a Chillionaire.

Kevin Nations Cover ArtWe have a HEAVY Hitter this week; Kevin Nations.

As the Godfather of Big Ticket Coaching, you’d be hard pressed to find one of the industry leading personalities that weren’t at some level either directly mentored by Kevin Nations, or indirectly as a result of his massive influence on the industry.

This episode is packed full of thoughtful, clear teaching moments by one of the most successful thought leaders today.

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The 9 Things I Learned About Being an Entrepreneur from Breaking Bad.

Walter WhiteOne of the best things that has happened to me in the past few years is that I’ve devoted a large amount of time and effort to self development. In so doing, I have found myself learning from all sorts of experts, spanning many different fields and industries.

My choice to build a better mousetrap (read: better myself) was to learn from perspectives that weren’t my own. By considering a different vantage point to my life, the theory was that it would open my mind to a heightened level of understanding. It would illuminate blind spots and give context to things I previously did not understand. That new context and understanding that would not just promote change, but it would require it.

Each expert that I’ve met, read or interviewed as a part of my podcast “Rules of Success” has their individual take on how to live our best lives. The smart ones add the caveat that it has to be on our own terms if we are ever going to adopt new or improved behaviors that stick.

We have to first acknowledge that we want change and then tap into the pain of what it would mean to stay the same.

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What’s Your Voice Saying?

SiaTonight was the first night in a while where I created space enough to listen to new music. I don’t listen to music in the way a lot of people do; mindlessly in the background as a soundtrack.

I enjoy it that way; sure..  But I specifically find time so that I can let the music be heard.

There is such much that we miss as we hear a tune on the radio that sometimes I make it so it’s just me, my Beats headphones and Apple Music.

Tonight was one of those nights. So, I made a date with Sia. I had yet to listen to her new album even though I had heard her song Alive..

I teed up the first track.

It’s called Bird Set Free.

It surprised me to find myself feeling an emotional response to the song is a very powerful way. Right out of the gate!

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