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James Garrett and Your Brain by Design


Beginning as an undergraduate at Columbia University, James Garrett has been studying and teaching the psychology of success, and unpacking the brain science behind what makes human beings thrive for over a decade.

As an entrepreneur, scientist, and coach, James is passionate about turning what scientists know about the brain into practical tools that anyone can use to change their lives, and that innovators can use to change the world. Having built a highly successful social startup—and having gone through a major burnout along the way—James feels deeply and personally that we need to change the way we live, work, and innovate.

All of his coaching products teach powerful, 100% evidence-based tools that help individuals, entrepreneurs, and startups maximize their productivity and creativity by designing their lives with the brain in mind.

We discuss with James his inspiring story and how his approach to a life, business and contribution makes a difference for those he works with.

Tidbits from the show:

1. Self control is the core virtue to which all other virtues are built.
2. Academia has naturally produced a gap between what is discovered and what is implemented in society.
3. Good data tells the story in itself.
4. It is possible to rebuilt an entire belief structure via a step by step teaching of a new skill set.
5. It’s difficult to hate up close.
6. We are all travelers in this journey of life.
7, One of the noblest things you can do is to introduce Science for the public good.
8. Facts are contextual. Data is always debated by other scientists.
9. You can build the skill set of self-motivation.

Authors / Books / Resources that James referenced:

1. Walter Mischel (Columbia University)
2. Tory Higgins (Columbia University)
3. Nalini Ambady (Tufts University)
4. Malcolm Gladwell: Blink
5. Give and Take: Adam Grant (Wharton)

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