The Man Behind the Microphone

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“As an entrepreneur and performance coach with several successful business endeavors under his belt, Bryce Prescott makes expertise, knowledge and practical, proven processes available to those looking to take their Lives, Businesses, Health and Being to an elevated level.”

That’s a formal description that I’ve used in certain business circles to describe what I do.

Since we are at,

I’ll share more to the story. 

All of this started with a vision that I had.

It came to my mind.. Clear as day.

In my vision, I walked into my office and sat down.

I looked around the room at the accolades on the wall, the furniture in front of me.

I looked at the timepiece on my wrist and the custom suit that draped my body.

Saw the car keys to the German car on the desk.

Then the picture became fuzzy.

The shift occurred. It was both literal and metaphorical.

I took my tie off.

Removed my suit jacket.

And put on my Dodger cap.


That’s it.

Odd, right?

When I gave it some thought, I realized the meaning of my vision.

In it’s simplest explanation, I knew that I need to share more who I am with the world.

Not the concocted, polished version that had been shown in my business dealings;

but ME.


To answer the question:

Who is Mr. Prescott really?

I AM. 

We are in a new age when it comes to business.

Being a success is far more reaching and has far more layers to consider that ever before.

Because of this, I knew that it was my responsibility to be 100% transparent about myself.

My talents. My passions.

My successes. My failures.

Left for you to draw your own conclusions. 

You see, it’s really none of my business what you think of me. It’s only my business to be accountable for my message, my actions and my intentions.

What is my business is to answer the following question:

Am I creating so much value through my authentic expressions that I live a life worth sharing?

And the follow up:

If someone connects with my message, have I made it easy for that person to join our Tribe and create a more happy, healthy and abundant life for themselves?

The answers to those questions..

Is how I measure my success. 

It’s the full picture of who I am,

what I’m good at

and why we should connect.

So, I commit to being authentic in any project, post, podcast or expression that you find here at this site.

And so doing, I am providing you both my formal Bio as well as a post that I wrote that gives my side of the story.



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“Hey, Don’t I Clean Up Nice?”

In late 2014, Mr. Prescott started what became Rules of Success, a Podcast as an outlet to share his perspective about life and all of it’s challenges and blessings.

Rules of Success focuses on the areas of health, spirituality, relationships and of course business. The purpose is to provide the listener a fast track to both enjoy quicker success and to avoid unnecessary pitfalls. The success he has enjoyed has come with it’s fair share of failure and embarrassment, and it is the polarity of his experiences that is the basis for his refreshing take on balance, success and true achievement.

In Spring of 2015, he published the book The Science of Getting Rich presented by Rules of Success; an expansion of the classic self-development staple The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. In the Fall of 2015 Mr. Prescottt released the companion course “Apply the Science” to the public; an in-depth and accelerated workshop to help those inspired by The Science of Getting Rich to achieve the results possible by applying the science of that book in their lives. Since then that program has been improved and expanded under the moniker “The Agreement: 12 Weeks to Transformation.”  You can find this program at

He attributes his success to a combination of mindset and learned skill sets in those key areas; health, spirituality, relationships and business.

As a consummate professional, he has attracted an eclectic range of guests to the Rules of Success; from successful actors, professional athletes, renowned therapists and captains of industry in many respective fields. Several of these guests have even hired Bryce for his mindset and performance coaching services.

As a perennial entrepreneur and performance coach, his career in business development started in the late 90’s as a mortgage banker. From there he transitioned more formally into real estate where he became the C.E.O. and co-Founder of Landmark Insiders; a real estate firm that focused on bulk transactions throughout the United States. His tenure with Landmark resulted in the creation of the Insider Assets Platform, an investor list of more than 1700 clients and thousands of properties sold throughout the United States. In 2012, he left Landmark he became involved with The M. Parker Group; the parent company for the Parker family of companies.

Bryce enjoys his current home base of Salt Lake City, Utah and all the outdoor activities the state has to offer. In additional to his consulting and Hosting duties of Rules of Success, he is an avid skier, plays many musical instruments, including saxophone, piano and guitar and is an accomplished writer. He considers himself a late blooming fitness enthusiast. He is married to the incomparable Amie Prescott and is a father of four children; three daughters and a son.

Besides his family, other notable accomplishments include a two-year service mission in Porto Alegre, RS Brazil and Global Ambassador to the HOPE Gold Coin Protector Committee Trust ( His commitment to build of those around him has forged relationships with all types of people, spanning the globe. His intention is to uplift and inspire, “leaving everything [he] comes in contact with better off than [he] found it.”

Further details about Bryce Prescott can be found within the episodes of Rules of Success and on his personal site;

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